Lake Angelus, Michigan Party Bus

Lake Angelus is a small lake front community comprised of one square mile of territory surronding the lake. Thirty five percent of the community is comprised of water! This is a great little community to spend some recreation time. The Lake is well policed and you can count on being well protected.


Lelli's Inn - Lelli's Inn is located at 885 North Opdyke Road, Auburn Hills, MI 48326. The cusine is: American, steaks, seafood, gelato, Italian, ribs, and Mediterranean. The ambiance and service is outstanding. This is the type of resturant that you go to on a special occasion. Lelli's reputation is outstanding and the menu cannot be matched for its elligance and diversity. It is recommended that you make a reserviation if you are planning on dining, to insure you get seated in a timly manner. Stop in with that special someone you won't be dissipointed.


Toby Keith's I Love This Bar - The bar is located at 4000 Baldwin Road Auburn Hills, MI 48326. This is a very large bar. This is a great place to take people that like wide open spaces and don't want to be cramped in a tiny booth when your trying to dine. The food is American style and the bar serves it up well. I would recommend the food and service to anyone looking to have a nice evening out without breaking the bank. Parking is ample and you can expect to have speedy, friendly service every night of the week. I would recommend this to friends and family alike.