24 Hour Call Center

We have a 24 hour a day, seven day a week call center open to you because we know how important it is for you to be able to contact us. Not only are we available for you during normal business hours but we're also here for you during any hour in between when our offices close and when they open the next day. That means that any pressing issues that you might have can be answered with a simple phone call.

Licensed and Insured

In the state of Michigan, Party Buses must legally carry a five million dollar insurance policy. A lot of the other companies that might give you an unbelievable price seem to forget about that. If you find that a quote is too good to be true then be sure to ask for verification of their policy.

If you'd like to view our verification you can click the link below in order to view a PDF of our proof of insurance. We believe in transparency and this is only one minor example of that.

High End Audio Systems

We at Party Bus Detroit know that every single party starts and ends with one thing: music. We go great lengths to make sure that every vehicle in our fleet is packed to the brim with speakers, watts, lights, and everything else it takes to get the party going. rWe keep backups of our audio systems to ensure that you have a great experience each and every time. I can put some of the stats here.

Full repair facility

We have a full repair facility on site. This allows our expert mechanics to fix any issues that may arise well before your date of transportation ever comes. Our expert team allows us to have a quick turn around time meaning our vehicles are back on the road before you can say "party bus." This makes sure that you'll never receive a call saying your vehicle will not show up because of a flat tire or broken alternator.