Berkley, Michigan Party Bus

Berkley is known for having really homey neighborhoods and a very busy downtown area. The business district hosts events like the Dream Cruise Parade. The Berkley school system is also known for being one of the top in the country. This is the type of community that you can take a walk at any time day or night and feel safe that nothing bad is going to happen to you. You feel like you are in a painting walking down the streets of Berkely.


Bagger Daves - Bagger Daves is located at 2972 Coolidge Highway, Berkley, MI 48072. The cuisine are burgers, and you must try them. They offer lunch and dinner. The average price per meal is under nine dollars. The average drink price is $3 which will not break your wallet. They don't have a dress code so come as you are! Make sure to have a burger. The service is fast and friendly and your glass won't go empty.


The Berkley Front - The Berkley Front is located at 3087 West 12 Mile Road, Berkley, MI 48072. This bar has a great atmosphere and the food is good too. The service is very excellent and you will find the parking to be close and ample. They have a pinball machine for you to enjoy yourself at. The average entree cost is about $7.50 and the average drink price is about $6.00. They have a really good beer selection and you will find a brew for every set of taste buds.