Lennon, Michigan Party Bus

Lennon is located in the Michigan zip code of 48449. The town is small and is basically in place due to the agricultural attributes the area holds. You will find a small business district downtown with some shops and a restaurant. This is a sleepy town with a slow pace.


Lennon Cafe - This establishment is located at 12489 West Lennon Road, Lennon, MI 48449. This is a pretty busy little cafe that serves primarily pizza. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner is served and you will find the place is a hopping all the time since it is the only cafe in town. The food is good and the service is even better.


Down the Hatch Saloon - This establishment is located at 11935 East Lennon Road, Lennon, MI 48449. Being that this is the only bar in the town you will find that it is amidst with regular town folks that are willing to strike up a conversation at any given time. The drinks are fairly priced and the food isn't bad. Make sure to stop in and have a few.