Inkster, Michigan Party Bus

The city of Inkster was incorporated in 1964. Located in central Wayne county, the city of Inkster is known as a bedroom community, which boasts some light industrial and commercial development. Robert Inkster is the name sake of the city of Inkster. The Inkster name is said to derive from the Norse name "Ingasetter", which is a combination of a persons name and the term for summer pasture.


Jon's Goodtime Bar & Grill - Jon's boasts an inexpensive price for meals. The restaurant is known as a gathering place for friends, family and children. The bar has a full compliment of cocktails available as well as beer and wine. A TV and game room is available for seekers of entertainment and gaming. The burgers are are in contention for the best burgers in the state of Michigan proclaimed by the current customer base.

Redstone American Grill - The American Grill is located at 27412 Michigan Avenue, Inkster, MI 48141. The Redstone is known for a very spirited atmosphere. This would be an excellent place to take that special someone on a romantic date. The location touts a wood burning grill and rotisserie, in an exhibition kitchen. Food that is served are signature steaks, chops and seafood that is as fresh as fresh can get.

Gracie See Pastaria - This treasure is located at 26734 Michigan Avenue, Inkster, MI 48141. They specialize in pasta and pizza. The pizza is very well known to be the highest in quality and freshness. If you would like real Mozzarella and a very special sauce, don't hesitate to order your pie from Gracie See and you will see how they differentiate themselves from the rest of the italian pies.


Bogart's Lounge - Located at 30100 Michigan Avenue, Inkster, MI 48141. This adult establishment offers up a full compliment of beer and wine as well as cocktails. Known as the "working man's club." The bar has a good location that is easy to find. The cover charges and drink prices are on the lower end of the spectrum of adult club pricing as well.

Henry the VIII - This gem is located at 1715 Middlebelt Road, Inkster, MI 48141. This adult establishment is also known for lower pricing scheme as some of its more pricey competitors. Monday is known as $10 dollar day and offers good pricing for dances. The parking is free so you are not strong armed into paying to park.

Stardust Lounge - This bar is located at 3736 Inkster Road, Inkster, MI 48141. Knows as a cool hangout to unwind after a long day the Stardust Lounge offers up good food at reasonable prices. The BBQ ribs are a must try on the menu for any rib lover. The drinks are mixed well and are ample. They have a full grill and wait staff that are well versed in the menu.