Holly Township, Michigan Party Bus

Holly Township is located in the northern most portion of Oakland County. The residents of Holly Township enjoy a very scenic environment as well as all the natural wild life you would like to see in Michigan. Holly Township is home to many parks and recreational areas that Michigander's can come and enjoy. You can come to Holly Township and enjoy the outdoors and still be able to get back to an urban setting with a reasonable drive. Holly Township is dedicated to providing a safe community where people can feel comfortable walking the streets at night without harm.


Historic Holly Hotel - The Historic Holly Hotel is located at 110 Battle Alley, Holly, MI 48442. This is a great gathering place that offers more then just a place to eat. It offers a unique ambiance and many different forms of entertainment. You can expect to find comedians as well as other forms of life entertainment like music. The Ambiance can be described only as romantic. It is recommended that you make reservations when you are planning a visit. They offer a private dining facility as well. The service is excellent and you can find parking close to the door. The meals served are brunch and dinner. If you plan on seeing a show you can expect to shell out between ten and twelve dollars depending on weather or not you were a dinner patron there.


New Martini's Bar & Grill - New Martini's Bar & Grill is located at 15217 Apollo Drive, Holly, MI 48442. This is a nice little place with available parking and great service. The service is quick and the wait staff is very friendly. If you are looking for a special Martini then you will be at the right place, they host a number of different flavors for you to choose from. The burgers are really good as well and you won't go hungry and may even order a second if you have a large appetite. Stop in with some friends and enjoy an evening of cocktails and good bar food at 15217 Apollo Drive, Holly, MI 48442.