Hamtramck, Michigan Party Bus

Michigan residents love Hamtramck and make the drive often to this historic city known for its Polish population, which has also now become our state's most diverse city with the huge influx of Middle Eastern and Asian immigrants. One of the reasons that you may want to rent a party bus and travel to the area is the town's music venues--it has been nationally recognized as the second "Most Rock N Roll City." You may want to make the trek on Paczki Day, for the four-day Hamtramck blowout, for the St. Florian Strawberry Festival, or for the Labor Day Festival. No matter what brings you to town, you'll need to eat and you may also want to have a few drinks. Here are a few of our favorite eateries and bars in the 48211 and 48212 zip codes.


Polonia Restaurant - We love Polonia Restaurant because of their delicious authentic Polish food. No trip to Hamtramck would be complete without some traditional Polish treats, and this home cooking will definitely fill you up and make for a memorable dining experience with friends. We recommend the City Chicken. Located on Yemans Street, just south of Caniff Street.

Under the Eagle - Another great source of excellent European and Polish food, Under the Eagle has low prices and big portions. The staff is very friendly and they are known for their great service. Located on Joseph Campau Street, south of Holbrook Street. We are a fan of the combination plate, but really you can't go wrong with anything on this menu. Located on Joseph Campau Street, south of Holbrook Street.

Maria's Comida - Maria's Comida is a wonderful surprise in the midst of all the Polish and European food--what's better than a little Mexican restaurant? The fish tacos are our personal fave, and the stuffed jalapenos come in a close second. We've always been treated to excellent service here, and some would venture to say that this is the best Mexican food in the area. Located on Joseph Campau Street, north of Caniff.

Aladdin Sweets & Cafe - While it sounds like it's just a bakery, Aladdin Sweets & Cafe is actually a restaurant offering authentic food from Bangladesh. The curries are absolutely amazing, and we highly recommend the Chicken Tikka Masala. Delish! There's plenty of vegetarian fare here too to please everyone in your party. Though there are more Bangladeshi restaurants in the area, this one in our opinion is the best. Located on Conant Street north of Caniff.

Maine Street Restaurant - If you'd like to hit a couple more European locales in your trip to Hamtramck, try Maine Street Restaurant. They specialize in Greek and Italian fare. There's an outdoor dining area during the warmer months, and they have a full bar too. They have everything here from your typical diner fare to amazing gyros and saganaki. You'll find this little gem on Joseph Campau Street north of Caniff.


Smalls Bar & Grill - Smalls Bar & Grill doesn't have a hard time pulling in the crowds because they've always got the best bands playing. Admission to the shows is cheap, and if you're not into the music you can keep yourself busy shooting pool and playing video games. This is NOT your sleepy neighborhood bar! They definitely keep the music pumping and keep you partying all night. You'll find Smalls on Conant Street near the intersection with Caniff.

New Dodge Lounge - Another great place to catch all the greatest live music in town, New Dodge Lounge is possibly the best kept secret in town. The staff is uber-friendly and the music is always excellent. Did we mention that the drink prices are low? They've got everything going for them at this bar. Definitely recommended. Located on Joseph Campau Street, between Hamtramck Drive and Holbrook Street.

The Belmont - If you're a fan of the 80s, from metal to punk and everything in between, you'll love to catch the hottest retro bands at The Belmont. The atmosphere is slick and new but the bands always have that touch of the past that you crave. Drink prices are VERY cheap here, so take advantage of it! Located on Joseph Campau Street just south of Caniff.

Paycheck's Lounge - We love Paycheck's because they've got dollar drafts every day and they're packed with all the awesome fun stuff that we love, like video games, pinball, foosball, trivia, and darts. Beyond the cheap drink prices, the food is actually really great, and the staff is friendly and sexy. It's a neighborhood bar with an edge. Located on Caniff just northeast of Joseph Campau Street.

Mephistos - We love Mephistos because it's the coolest place in Hamtramck to just chill. There are three levels here, so three different vibes to get your night off to a good start. The music here is pumped full of gothic, industrial, and electronic. If you like topless women dancing in cages (and we know you do!), that's another plus. You'll find this bar on Florian north of Holbrook Street.