Garden City, Michigan Party Bus

Garden City is a great place to go with friends for some dinner and drinks. It's famous for having the first Kmart location, the first dine-in McDonalds, and the first Little Caesars in our state. But don't worry, we'll be treating you to more than McDonald's and Little Caesars in this list of our favorite bars and restaurants in the 48135 zip code! If you're traveling to Garden City, here are the best places to eat and drink.


New Peking Restaurant - This is by far one of the best Chinese restaurants in all of Wayne county. It's difficult to find hot and sour soup that's just right, and this place definitely gets it right. Their egg rolls and crab rangoon are perfect. It's worth even a long drive to try their dry garlic shrimp. And of course no meal is complete without their authentic jasmine tea. Absolutely beautiful decor will make you think you're right in the heart of China! Located on Ford Road east of Middlebelt.

Amantea Restaurant - Amantea is a great Italian restaurant that serves everything from hamburgers to pizza, from salads to ribs, from seafoods to steaks, and of course your favorite Italian fare. It's been in business for as long as we can remember, and it's both romantic and family friendly. Their gnocchi and soups are beyond delicious, and all of their pastas are to die for. The decor is classy and elegant, making it perfect for business lunches or meeting friends for dinner and drinks. Located on the corner of Warren and Venoy.

Golden Feather Restaurant - Truly one of the finest restaurants in Garden City. The portions are giant and all of the food is freshly prepared and delicious. We really love the ribs here. They're always cooked perfectly with just the right amount of sauce. Delicious greek salads and garlic bread. The drink prices are nice and cheap too. You can find this one on Ford Road between Henry Ruff and Middlebelt.

Garden City Cafe - This is such a comfortable family restaurant, and since they've got wifi it's a nice place to bring your laptop or BlackBerry and surf the net while enjoying great coffee and delicious food. Everything here is homemade, and if you're looking for a restaurant to rent for parties, this is a great choice. Since they're open 24 hours it's a popular place to sober up after the bars. Located on Middlebelt and Ford Road in the Garden City Town Center Shopping Center.

Cici's Pizza - While the atmosphere is a little bit lacking with nothing but full on fluorescent overhead lighting, we have a hard time complaining about a pizza buffet. They've got every kind of pizza you could imagine (macaroni pizza is just one example!), plus delicious drinks and desserts. You can just keep going back up until you're completely satisfied. You cannot beat the price, and it's great if you've got kids with you. Located on Middlebelt Road just north of Ford Road.


Albert's On The Alley - Albert's is one of the most popular bars in all of Metro Detroit. The atmosphere is always rocking. They've got attractive waitresses and great prices. We love the pizza here, and the drink specials are always good, and nice and strong too, never watered down. They play just about every kind of music here, and they've got both the sportsbar vibe and the dance floor so everybody's happy. You'll find this must-see bar on Middlebelt Road just north of Ford Road.

Mr G's Bar & Grill - This is one of the most popular places to hang out and have drinks in the entire city. Our friends are constantly going on and on about the hot waitstaff here. The drinks are insanely cheap especially if you go with their specials, and they've got really great bar food. Karaoke is cool here because you sing with an actual band rather than just a backing track. And there's no better place to watch football games on Sundays. Located on Warren Road east of Middlebelt.

Rockstarz Karaoke Bar - Formerly Jamie's, Rockstarz is one of the best places in all of Metro Detroit to do karaoke. They've got a massive twenty foot stage with all digital karaoke, costumes, and faux instruments. You can truly unleash your inner rockstar here. Their frozen rockaritas are a great thirst quencher, and their menu of standard bar fare is of course delicious. They've got karaoke challenges, game shows, and lots of different events happening every week. Definitely one of the most fun places with the best crowds. Located on Ford Road between Venoy and Wildwood.

Sports Venue Bar & Grill - We love Sports Venue Bar & Grill for their fun and friendly staff and delicious food. The drinks here are always mixed just right and never watered down. They've got pool tables, darts, and Golden Tee golf. Really great beer selection and a good selection of items on the menu too. It has that friendly tavern feeling that we love. You'll find this one on Middlebelt Road between Harrison and Henry Ruff.

Rogala's Bar & Grill - This is such a warm and friendly place to grab a great meal and some delicious drinks. It's always packed with familiar faces. Everybody in town loves to go to Rogala's for their fresh homecooked food. They are the home of the old fashioned pepperoni ("the spicy ones that curl up" as they'll tell you!). They've got great coupons on their website that will save you a bundle. Check out this wonderful establishment at Ford Road between Merriman and Venoy.