Addison Township, Michigan Party Bus

Addison Township was founded by a person named Sherman Hopkins in the 1830's. Addison Township is in the extreme northeast of Oakland County. The landscapes of Addison is very diverse and touts flatlands, lakes, rivers and hilly terrain. Farming and industry have been the major economic basis for Addison since its conception. The zip for Addison Township is 48363.


Lakeville Inn - This establishment is located at 1318 North Rochester road Leonard, Mi 48367. The service at this establishment is great! The food is very good. The wait staff is known for throwing in an extra loaf of bread if your super hungry it. The Lakeville Inn is known for its prime rib. The prime rib is always juicy and cooked to the perfect temp If you like eating outside there is a deck for you to enjoy lunch or dinner on that over looks a nice garden style view.

Bear Paw Cafe - The Bear Paw Cafe is located at 1363 North Rochester Road Leonard, Mi 48367. The Bear Paw is known for good food that is fairly priced and excellent service. If your looking for an around the corner at the end of the street kind of place, the Bear Paw Cafe is for you. Make sure to give it a try if your looking for some home cooking.

Cohoon's Pizza and Deli - 715 North Rochester road, Lenard, Mi 48367. If your looking for a great place to get some pizza or a delicious deli sandwich don't hesitate to stop in. Stop in for a pop or maybe a pop and a sandwich. The wait staff is very friendly and will help you make your selection. The deli meats are very fresh


Louies Food & Spirits - 600 Lakeville Rd. Addison Twp, Mi 48376 is where this little establishment is located. Louie's has a cozy atmosphere that you can relax in and enjoy a drink or even some nicely prepared bar food. The service is excellent and the parking is free and ample. This place is known for fish Fridays, so make sure to stop in and get yourself some fresh fish!

Hamlin Pub - The Hamlin pub is located at 741 Lapeer Road Lake Orion, Mi 48362. the Hamlin Pub is known for a great atmosphere to hang out in as well as a live band! The prices at the Hamlin are good and you can't beat the taste of the chicken stew! The burgers are very good. I don't know what they put in them, but what ever the secret ingredient is, it is divine and will never be divulged. The Hamlin has all kinds of games as well. You will find darts, pool table, trivia, and assorted video games to fulfil your gamer instinct.

Christi's Bar and Grill - Christi's Bar and Grill is located at 95 East Clarkston Road Lake Orion, Mi 48362. Christi's is known for two very good things that you should be looking for in an establishment. One is the great service. Christi's wait staff make you feel like family and you won't ever be disappointed in the service you receive. The second great thing about Christi's bar and grill is the food! the bread sticks are a must have for anyone coming in. Did I mention the service. I mean you don't have to wait to get a glass filled here. It is almost like the wait staff has a sixth sense about when you glass is about to be empty and knows to bring you a fresh brew right on time! There is allot of good menu selections for you to try out so you won't be disappointed and you can return again and again and try something different every time.