After the war of 1812 Major Truax decided to purchase a high tract of land along the Detroit river. He built a church, saw mill, and a general store. Appropriately, he named his tract of land Turax, after himself. As time passed the area went through a couple name changes and was finally settled upon Trenton. The river plays a very important role in the community. The fact that Trenton sits next to the great Detroit River is the reason why industrial business are so drawn to the city. With industry comes business and expendable income.


Trenton is not short of great places to spend your money any bit what so ever. You can find a night life in Trenton and below we have highlighted some of our favorite places for you.Fratello's Restaurant - This establishment is located at 4501 Fort Street, Trenton, MI 48183. If your looking for a more upscale place to eat, look no further then Fratello's in Trenton. The ambiance is like a cross between a banquette hall and a bistro. Italian food is the main cooking style at Fratello's. You can expect to be served: dinner, lunch, dessert, buffet style, and brunch on Sunday. Fratello's also sports a dance floor and wireless internet access. The staff is very courteous and attentive and parking is readily available. I have been to Fratello's for events and have been very pleased with the service and the quality of the food served, don't hesitate to make a reservation here.

Cafe West - Cafe West is located at the address 2775 West Jefferson Avenue, Trenton, MI 48183. The attire required here is causal in nature. The Cafe is very clean and airy and you will find yourself relaxing easily into the chair. The atmosphere is quite and a great place if you need to have a conversation with someone. They have a full bar at the location and you will be very pleased with the assortment of drinks that they can make. The average drink price is around six dollars. They have dine in service as well as carry out or drop off catering at your location or at the restaurant. The cuisine is seafood and it sure is fresh. The meals served are dessert and dinner. If your looking for a great dining experience and are not on a strict budget Cafe West would be a great place for you to dine.

Hotel Grill - If you looking for a great Bistro stop on over to Hotel Grill at 2651 West Jefferson Avenue, Trenton, MI 48183. They specialize in steak traverse and cherry stuffed chicken breast, as well as ahi tuna. Hotel Grill has a well stocked martini and wine bar, that is fully stocked. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. This would be a great place to take a first date if your looking to take him or her out to a nice place that won't break the piggy bank. I find the music they elect to play very well selected for the environment. I would recommend that you make reservations to insure you get seated in a timely fashion. The service is excellent and the parking is convenient. I always have a great time when I take my favorite so in so to the Hotel Grill and I am sure you will be pleased as well.


Captain's Pub - Captian's Pub is located at 2385 Fort Street, Trenton, MI 48183. This place is both a grill and a tavern. This is a place that is serious about karaoke. You will find karaoke here Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. The drink prices are good and the food is well per paired to order. The service is very friendly and fast, you won't find yourself waiting around for the check or change at Captian's Pub. The crowd is mix of both young and old, so your going to meet some interesting people if you're interested in socializing. The parking is free and available on the premises. I always have fun with my friends and family at the Captain's Pub and I am sure you will too. Drinks Saloon - Drinks Saloon is a really fun bar located at 19380 Allen Road, Brownstown Twp, MI 48183. Drinks is known for: pool, live bands, and great burgers and they don't come up short on any of them. The pool tables are well maintained and there is always someone looking to get a game going. The live bands are always well selected and you can expect to hear both original and cover music played well and at the proper level. The burgers are huge and juicy and very reasonably priced. You will also find dart boards and golden tee at the bar for your playing enjoyment. When I stop in drinks for an evening of entertainment with my buddies, we always have fun time. Jerzey's Sports Bar & Grill - If your looking for an exciting bar to watch the game or have a drink or six, Jerzey's Sports Bar and Grill is the place for you. Jerzey's is located at 2385 Fort Street, Trenton, MI 48183. They offer bar food as well as food you would expect to be served at an American style restaurant. You will find everything from salads to tender delicious BBQ. You will also find a very well stocked bar with all kinds of liquor and beer products for you to choose from. Jerzey's also has live music, which you will come to enjoy very much. The bands play mainly cover music, but from time to time you will hear an original belted out. When your in the Trenton area make sure to make Jerzey's a stop, you can just grab some food if your not looking to get a drink. The food is fresh and the menu is very large making this a premium sports bar, as well as restaurant.