Superior Township, Michigan Party Bus

Superior Township has four school districts and is a great place to raise a family. The Township is known for very active residents. The Township saw large growth with the installation of the WW2 bomber plant. Around that time a sewer and water plant was constructed for the residents. Citizen involvement is of great importance in the area and will be smiled upon


Cozy Inn - This establishment is located at 10015 Iroquois Road, Brimley, MI 49715. This is a great little place to get some fresh made fish. The prices are very good and the service is timely and informative as well. They do take reservations and they are recommended at peek hours. Make sure to stop in and have some fresh home cooked food.


Bear Butt Bar & Grill - This establishment is located at 9737 S M-123, Eckerman, MI 49728. This place is more then just a bar is is a grill on steroids. They offer some of the best prime rib, ribs, and angus burgers in the area. The drink prices are very reasonable as well. Make sure to stop in and enjoy the grilling you will never experience anywhere.