Southgate, Michigan Party Bus

You may travel to Southgate for their relatively new Splash Park and Downriver YMCA, which is also known as the Southgate Fun & Fitness Center, or maybe you come into town just for the food! The mayor of the city declared it the Dining Capital of Downriver, and we can't argue with that! With all their popular chain restaurants, family owned restaurants, sports bars, and drive-ins, there are definitely more restaurants and bars here than in any other downriver city. In that huge array of eateries and watering holes, how do you choose which ones are the best? Just leave that to us. These are the best restaurants and bars in the 48195 zip


Black Pine Tree and O'Samurai - We give the top spot to two restaurants that have the same owner--Black Pine Tree and O'Samurai. Both are Japanese sushi restaurants, and both have delicious food and nearly the same menu. The O'Samurai location will cost slightly more, and you get a more upscale atmosphere and slightly larger sushi rolls for that cost. They also have a substantial section of teppanyaki tables where the chefs will cook flaming masterpieces before your eyes. This is the best sushi downriver, and the owners and sushi chefs are always very friendly and personable. Black Pine Tree is located on Eureka Road between Allen and Dix, and O'Samurai is on Eureka as well, just across from the Meijer Shopping Center.

Roma Pizzeria & Restaurant - Roma's has been a popular destination in Southgate since 1957. Their food is absolutely delicious, including their pizza, chicken, lasagna, pasta, salads, and more. You get huge portions at a very cheap price, and you can also enjoy beer or wine with your pizza. There's no better combination than that. You'll find this irreplacable part of Southgate on Eureka Road west of Fort Street.

Dragon Buffet - If you love Chinese buffets, this place has all your favorite dishes. Our favorites are the broccoli chicken, lo mein, freshly cooked whole fish, and cheesy mushrooms. The real bonus here though is the all you can eat sushi bar. Everything is kept nice and cold so the sushi is always fresh and delicious. No other buffet with sushi even compares to this place. This is top notch sushi like you'd find at the expensive sushi bars. They even have hand rolls, rolls with seaweed salad on top, and tofu nigiri. Note that during lunch hours they serve vegetarian sushi only. Located on Dix just south of Eureka Road.

Sonic Drive-In - No article on Southgate restaurants would be complete without the recently-opened Sonic Drive-In. This much hyped addition to our city's landscape has become a popular destination for great burgers, delicious breakfasts, and of course their amazing drink combinations. They literally have hundreds of customizable drinks that you can design to your liking. Our favorite items here are the Super Sonic Breakfast Burrito, the Extra Long Chili Cheese Coney (add jalapenos for a little extra kick!), the Popcorn Chicken, and the Chili Cheese Tots. And you've got to get an Ocean Water or a Blue Coconut Cream Slush Treat to wash it all down. Delicious. Located on Fort Street in the Meijer's parking lot (north of Pennsylvania Road).

Vito's Pizzeria (located in Lincoln Park) - Vito's is a downriver tradition. They've closed and reopened a few times, but their delicious deep dish pizza never changes. They've got a full bar and lots of comfortable seating in their dining area, and they have a separate carryout room that's easily accessible from the back parking lot. Though they're known for their pizzas, their burgers are also out of this world. Located on Fort Street between Moran and Goddard.


Mallie's Sports Grill & Bar - Mallie's is best known for setting the world record for the largest hamburger commercially available--almost 165 pounds in weight! You can actually order that with 24 hours notice. They've also got plenty of way-too-big burgers including a 10 pound burger and a more modest 3 pound burger that you could easily split with friends. Even a giant ice cream sundae and giant cookies. Believe it or not they've got tons of great normal food here too, including great burgers, chicken dishes, kebabs, and more. Located on the corner of Northline and Allen Road.

Malarkey's of Southgate - Malarkey's is an awesome Irish sports bar where you can enjoy the lively atmosphere, delicious food, and fun event nights. They've always got the latest events showing on the LCD display in front of the bar, so a quick drive by will let you know what's happening that week. We highly recommend the burgers here! They are juicy and delicious. The drinks are also priced just right, and the staff is always in a good mood. Located on the corner of Dix and Eureka.

Snookers Pool and Pub - Snookers is a very comfortable place to play pool and have some drinks. If you love shooting pool you'll love that this place is specifically designed for that, with lots of tables so you don't have to deal with the long wait times that you have to deal with at other bars. They've also got darts and video games, so if anybody in your party isn't as into shooting pool as you are, there are other things to keep them occupied. The crowd here is always fun. Located on Dix south of Eureka


Buffalo Wild Wings - Buffalo Wild Wings is always a great time no matter which location you go to. This one has a huge wooden bar that we love, and giant screen TVs so you don't miss a moment of those big games. They've also got video games and trivia constantly playing on smaller screens. We love the wings of course, with all their delicious dipping sauces, but the salads and chicken fingers are also a good bet! Located on Eureka just east of Trenton Road.

Subi's Place - The conservative types in Southgate are always trying to shut down Subi's or make them move to a different neighborhood, but all these years later this strip club is still going strong! The women here are very attractive and the VIP rooms are now more private than they used to be. They've also got six plasma TVs with sports events and music videos playing on them at all times. Saturday is ladies night, and escorted ladies get in free. Good prices for drinks and a nice atmosphere too. Located on Northline, west of Fort Street.