River Rouge, Michigan Party Bus

River Rouge is an industrial city. It is a southern suburb of the city of Detroit. There are a number of places in the community for people of all ages to spend quality time. There is a senior center, teen center, and the public library. The city is named after the Rouge River, the name Rouge is a French word that means red.


Guy's Pizza - Guy's Pizza is located at 11192 West Jefferson Avenue, River Rouge, MI 48218. Come to guys pizza for fresh fast pizza that you will return for again and again. If your looking for a great slice of pizza for lunch or dinner and your in the area Guy's Pizza is for you. Don't forget to ask about a coupons or special deals! Guy's always has some type of special deal or coupon that you can use at a moments notice to get a good deal. When I am in the area and hungry for a hearty slice of pizza I will definitely return to Guy's pizza.

Coffee Pot Restaurant - The Coffee Pot is located at 10756 West Jefferson Avenue, River Rouge, MI 48218. This is a classic place to grab some delicious breakfast. The diner is a through back to the shiny train car diner days. Make sure to show up to this place hungry, the portions are large. Counter service is available as well as booth style seating. The service is very good and gives you a feel of home town pride. I would return to the Coffee pot anytime I am looking for a hearty breakfast and fast service.

Vince's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria - You will find Vince's pizza at 1341 Springwells Street, Detroit, MI 48209. Let me tell you this place is worth the trip. This Pizzeria has been a Detroit area tradition for over fifty years! The parking is free and readily available. The dress code is casual. This is true Italian pizza. You will be able to tell the difference between American style pizza and Italian pizza after a visit to this Restaurant. Vince's also offers a large Variety of pasta items to choose from. Vince's is open for both lunch and dinner. The average drink price is under four dollars. And the average price for a meal is under nine dollars.


Rogue River Tavern - The Rogue River Tavern is located at 4 N MAIN ST, Rockford, MI 49341. Parking is available onsite. At any given time you can expect to find patrons performing karaoke. From time to time you will also find a live band playing cover songs or original music as well. The entertainment happens on Friday and Saturday evenings. The bar has dart boards for those of us that are gamers. The service is excellent. Regular patrons of the Rouge River Tavern swear by the quality and freshness of the seafood and steaks available. The bar also service high quality appetizers as well. The setting is nice and overall the bar is a great place to hang out.

Duke of Earl's Bar - The Duke of Earl's bar is a watering hole located at 10411 West Jefferson Avenue, River Rouge, MI 48218. This is a quaint establishment that serves its purpose well. The purpose is to provide a local bar for people to come in relax have a chat with the bartender and drink one of there favorite domestic beers. When ever I am on West Jefferson and have an interest in grabbing a frosty cold one, I don't hesitate to stop in. Parking is available onsite and the service is good. The glasses are clean and always kept full.

Brown Derby Bar - Stemming back from the days when not everyone had a motor vehicle to get from place to place people would actually walk to there local watering hole. The Brown Derby Bar is reminiscent of those days located at 10661 West Jefferson Avenue, River Rouge, MI 48218. If your looking for a quiet local establishment to quench your thirst for a frosty cold one, don't hesitate to wander into the Brown Derby Bar. Parking is available if your not walking and the service is good.