Pittsfield Township, Michigan Party Bus

Pittsfield Township is now party of Ann Arbor. The Township was first conceived in 1824 by Geo W. Noyes. The Township was named after William Pitt, who was the Earl of Chatham. He was a great British speaker and friend of the state. This naming transpired fifty years after his death.


Bob Evans - This establishment is located at 325 East Eisenhower Parkway, Ann Arbor, MI 48108. This is a great place to get breakfast with your family. They have fast service and down home cooking. The prices are very good as well and the restaurant is very clean. Make sure to stop in for breakfast with your family on a weekend morning.


Zarape Mexican Restaurant - This establishment is located at Country Creek Plaza at 7025 E. Michigan Avenue in Pittsfiled Township. This is a great restaurant to grab some authentic Mexican food. Dishes you will find are enchiladas, chalupas, tacos, and other standard Mexican fair. The service is great and very family friendly.