Melvindale, Michigan Party Bus

In the 1920's Melvindale was not known as the city of Melvindale, it was known as a rural farming community called Oakwood Heights. In the early 1924's Melvindale was dubbed its current name and incorporated, which was derive by its developer Melvin Wilkinson. The village was originally intended to provide housing for the workers at the Ford Rogue plant. The Melvindale downtown development authority is now nearing completion on a street scape improvement project which will add new street lighting and accouterment to improve the overall look of the downtown area. The city's property values are estimated to be very high and Melvindale is a great place to live work and play!


Canton Inn - The Canton Inn is located at the corner of Dix and Outer drive at 19333 Dix Road, Melvindale, MI 48122. The Canton Inn service both American and Chinese cuisine. The restaurants specialties are Chinese, Szechwan and Cantonese cuisine. Parking is readily available and free onsite. The atmosphere can be romantic and would be a great place to take a first date. Dinner and lunch are served every day. The food prices are very reasonable and you won't break the bank taking the little lady here. The music you can expect to hear is mainly the current top 40. No alcohol will be served at any time and is not permitted on the premises. The wait staff is very friendly and accommodating as you would come to expect from a busy establishment like the Canton Inn. The General Tso's chicken is raved about by regulars and has been awarded a 10 out of 10 stars as being the best version of this staple in the area. You must also give the almond boneless chicken a try, it is very well prepared and the portions are large. I always enjoy the visit when I stop in with friends and family and you will to.

Sabina's Restaurant - Sabina's is dubbed as one of the down river areas best Polish diners. Sabina's is located at 3840 Oakwood Boulevard, Melvindale, MI 48122. You can expect to find both Polish and American cuisine at Sabina's. The parking is free and onsite and you won't find a more friendly home staff around. The cooking is home made and the prices are very wallet friendly. You must try the pickle soup and the city chicken when you stop in for a meal. They are raved about all around town and I would return back for a second helping if the portions were not so filling. The piergois are delicious and cannot be matched by another establishment in town. You need to round your meal out with a super cheep and succulent dessert, the fifty cent apple crumb cake is great! I always have a great eating experience with my family and friends at Sabina's.

Ming Sun Restaurant - Ming Sun is located right at 18300 Allen Road, Melvindale, MI 48122. If you would like to experience some very good chinese food Ming Sun is the place for you. The parking is free and the wait staff are very accommodating. The egg rolls are the best in the area and the General Tso's chicken is a very good rendition of the dish. I have never heard a bad word about Ming Sun and have had excellent meals time and time again. If your looking for authentic Americanized chinese food make sure to visit Ming Sun's for lunch or dinner.


White Rhino Sports Bar- The White Rhino is a great place to visit if your looking for a beer guzzling good time with friends. The White Rhino of Melvindale is located at 4328 Oakwood Boulevard, Melvindale, MI 48122. The Rhino is a sports bar that has a large quantity of TVs in every corner! You can always find a seat with the right game on for your viewing pleasure. Friday night is Karaoke night at the Rhino if you are interested in giving your pipes a work out. The bar food is is really good. The wait staff is very attractive and friendly and the average drink prices are around five dollars. If your looking for a new to have a lunch break check out the ninety nine cent lunch menu at the Rhino. I always have fun with my friends at the White Rhino and I know you will too. They have a liquor luge available for your shooting pleasure on the weekends!

Jake's Crossroads Bar - Jake's Crossroads Bar is located at 2704 Oakwood Boulevard, Melvindale, MI 48122. This is a great bar to visit for open mic night on Saturday starting at 10:00PM. The open mic night is followed by karaoke later in the evening. The bar burgers are made from real angus beef and you will agree with me that they are very, very good. You will not be disappointed in the burgers. Don't forget to stop in for one dollar spaghetti night. This serving of American style spaghetti is enough to feed two people let alone one. I always have a good time at Jake's and I am sure you will agree when you stop in with your friends or family that this place is a good time waiting to happen.

Mel-Bar‎ - Mel-bar is a no nonsense bar and grill where you can expect to walk into dim lighting and cinder block walls. The bar is located at 17993 Allen Road, Melvindale, MI 48122. Don't let the decor swede you from stopping in though. Mel-Bar has great specials. Thursday's is steak day and runs all day long you can get a great steak dinner for under ten dollars which will leave you enough money to grab a couple frosty ones after your meal. You can also pick up two different cuts of fish on fish fry Fridays. They offer both perch and cod fillets. This is a great place to hang out with a friend or even bring you son in for an inexpensive steak dinner. I always feel satisfied after leaving the Mel-Bar and you will too!