Leonard, Michigan Party Bus

Leonard is a great little place to call home. I am not joking when I say a great little place. As of 2000 they had 332 people living in village. They have 93 people living in the village as well. The median income is about $44,000 dollars.


Lakeville Inn - The Lakeville Inn is located at 1318 North Rochester Road, Leonard, MI 48367. This is a great place to enjoy dinner or lunch outside on the deck during the summer months. The service is great and the atmosphere is very fun. The prime rib is one of the things on the menu that I would suggest to have at lest once. The servers can only be described as sunny and fun. The parking is ample and the drinks and cocktails are very enjoyable. Make sure to stop in for dinner on your next trip out and you will not be disappointed


Louie's Food & Spirit - Louie's Food & Spirit is located at 600 Lakeville Road, Addison Twp, MI. This is the type of place you fall in love with. The atmosphere is cozy like a warm blanket on a cold night. The Friday fish fries are the best around and you will not be disappointed. The bar is family owned and has been since its inception. The drink prices are very reasonable and don't hesitate to make a stop here, because the wait staff and people that run the place are very friendly all the time so you will fell right at home.