Lake Township, Michigan Party Bus

Lake Township is a great little community that offers a wide viriety of living oppertunities. Lake Township is a great atmosphere of recreational, residential, and agicultural enviornments. Over six miles of sandy shores and pretty lakes make Lake Township a great place to vist with the family and friends. If you are lookign for a place to settle down with a ton of state parks. This fishing is to die for and you are not going to have a problem hooking the big one. This is a great place to spend in the summer time if you are looking for a little cottage to rent to lay back and relax.


Anderson Bakery - This establishment is located at Railroad St, Stephenson, MI 49887. The Anderson Bakery is a great place to sit down with some famuily members and have some delicious baked goods. You can enjoy a great cup of coffee as well and you won't ever be dissipointed at the freshness and delicousness of the baked good available. Make sure to have Anderson Bakery on your stop list for a treat or even some lunch.


Stadium Club S - This place is located atRailroad St, Stephenson, MI 49887. The Stadium Club S is a great place to stay and hang out if you live in the area. This is a well known spot for regulars that people frequent all the time. The food is excelent as well as the service. The drink prices are the best you could possibly find anywhere and you are not going to miss out on any drink specials because the drinks are always on special.