La Salle Township, Michigan Party BUs

La Salle Township has a total size of 27 square miles. I75 is directed through the township and can be access through exit 9. The township is serviced by three school districts. The township houses 1,440 family's and 1,765 households. The very interesting thing not known by many people is that La Salle Township is an unincorporated area that has no affiliation with a municipality. This means that La Salle Township isn't taxed by a municipal government.


La Fiesta - This establishment is located at 11191 Telegraph Rd, Erie, MI 48133. The cuisine is Mexican food. The food and service are excellent and drinks are served as well. If you are the type of person that is picky about Mexican food then this is the place for you. They have very good food that is serviced in nice sized portions that are high in quality. The presentation of the meals in thoughtful and the service from the staff is very fast and friendly. This is the type of place that will make sure you have enough to bring home for leftovers the next day. The fresh chips and salsa are great and you will find yourself asking for seconds. This is a great place to visit with friends and family to observe a special occasion. If you are just looking for a night out away from the stove you have found your place as well.


Trapperz Tavern - This place is located at 13780 S Dixie Hwy, La Salle, MI 48145. If you are looking for a local bar with great atmosphere this is the place for you. The service is fast and friendly and you will find yourself getting into conversations with the wait staff. The drink prices are excellent as well and you will find that your pocket book can withstand more then your fair share of rounds. The parking is free and onsite so you wont' have a problem searching for parking spaces. Make Trappersz a stop on your list with friends to hang out for the evening. You will have a fun relaxing time with no worries.