Hazel Park, Michigan Party Bus

The city of Hazel park offers a great and fun small town charm in a setting that is mainly urban. On your drive through Hasel park you can enjoy tree lined streets and neighborhoods that reflect a middle class income. They have a ton of "mom and pop" shops in the business district and the shops are what keep the downtown district so quaint and pretty. Hazel park is by far a great place to live and work and raise your family. Make sure to take some time and check out hazel park if your looking to move to a new area.


Loui's Pizza - Loui's Pizza is located at 23141 Dequindre Road, Hazel Park, MI 48030. This is the best pizza you can get anywhere. You won't find a better deep dish square pizza anywhere in the city I would bet my bank roll on it. They have really great salad as well and the service is impeccable. They offer wine as well and the prices are very good. The atmosphere is family friendly and you don't need a reservation to feed the fam. The portions are huge so no need to over order just get what the wait staff suggests and you will still be brining home some left overs.


Shotz - Shotz is located at 21630 John R Road, Hazel Park, MI 48030. This is a great locally owned family establishment that started that way and will continue on that way. The service is really down to earth and fun, and your glass never stays empty. The drink prices are really cheep and you can catch a fine buzz for next to nothing at this place. The food is pretty good and you will enjoy what ever you decide to get, I would recommend the burger, they are delicious. Parking is free and onsite so you won't have a problem getting a parking spot either.