Groveland Township, Michigan Party Bus

Groveland Township is a very quiet slow community where slowing down life and having quality of life is considered the most important thing. This is a place where you can expect friendly people, beautiful scenery and all around happy setting. Groveland Township has trees, rolling hills, winding roads, and lakes. This a place where residents put a very high value on living in a rural community. You can find both state and county beaches as well. Make sure to find the perfect spot in the summer and have your self a relaxing day in the sun. Visit Groveland Township the next time you are questing for a relaxing day.


Bottoms Up Food & Spirits - Bottoms Up Food & Spirits is located at 14007 Dixie Hwy, Holly, MI 48442. This is a great place to hang out that has your favorite bar food as well as drinks. The service is really great and you can find ample parking right onsite. The place has just been remodeled recently and they have a dance floor for you to bust a move on. This place is a good local bar and you will have a good time with both friends and family. Make sure to stop in for a couple drinks and have a relaxing good time.


Mr Jays Sports Bar & Grill 4 - Mr Jays Sports Bar & Grill 4 is located at 902 North Saginaw Street, Holly, MI 48442. This is a great place to come in and have some drinks and meet some new people. The parking is free and available onsite. You can expect to find really good service. Good drink prices are always the case here. The bar food is good as well so make sure to try the burger, you wont' be disappointed. They have great music and excellent service here and you won't forget your stay. Mr Jays Sports Bar & Grill 4 is a great place to hang out, stop in for your next party or event.