Grosse Ile Township

Grosse Ile, French for Big Island, is a township that's situated on several islands in the Detroit River. There are two modes of access, a pay bridge and a free bridge. The pay bridge is officially named the Grosse Ile Toll Bridge. The free bridge is called the Wayne County Bridge. They have a great Islandfest yearly around the municipal airport, as well as a haunted house on Halloween. There's a great indoor tennis facility called the Tennis Center, and they also have their own soccer league. If you love to see plays, they've got their own community theatre called The Islanders, which also happens to be Downriver's oldest theatre club as well as one of the oldest civic theatre groups in all of Michigan. Boaters love Grosse Ile for their yacht clubs and boat clubs, and of course the Water's Edge Golf Course. If you're traveling to Grosse Ile, here are some of the best restaurants and bars in the 48138 zip code!


Vitale's Restaurant & Pizzeria - Vitale's is a very upscale restaurant and pizzeria located on Macomb Street on Grosse Ile as nearly all of their restaurants are. This is far from just a pizza and calzones restaurant. Try their pasta, particularly their Fettuccini Alfredo! It's out of this world. Perfectly creamy and delicious. They've been in business since 1966 for good reason. Located just past the Kroger shopping center.

Hoy Pan - Hoy Pan has been getting rave reviews since 1994 when they first opened. They give you huge portions for the price, and the menu has many different things for you to try. Our favorite thing on the menu is the broccoli chicken. Always fresh and delicious. You'll find this little Chinese gem on Macomb Street just west of East River Road.

Upper Crust - If there's one thing you can find a lot of on Grosse Ile it's great pizza. Upper Crust is yet another place for that. The prices here are also a little higher than you may be used to paying at most pizzerias, but again we'll say it's worth it. Their sauce is some of the best we have ever tasted, and their crusts live up to the name. They always put on plenty of delicious cheese and they're generous with the toppings that you choose. You can find Upper Crust on Macomb Street, halfway between Meridian and East River Road.

Island Coney - Forget about that other famous coney joint in Metro Detroit... Island Coney puts them to shame. They use strictly Dearborn hot dogs, ham, and angus beef, and yet even with that high quality, they're still the cheapest around. We love going on Mondays for ninety nine cent coneys, and that applies to both dine in and carryout orders. You'll find Island Coney on Macomb Street halfway between Meridian and East River Road.

Petey's Deli - Petey's Deli is such a great place to stop into on Grosse Ile for delicious deli sandwiches. You can enjoy your choice of indoor or outdoor seating, and the service is top notch. They've got everything that you expect from a great deli, including all your favorite meats like pastrami, freshly cooked corned beef, deliciously crisp deli pickles, salads, and even desserts. Located on Macomb Street between Meridian and Parke Lane.


Sharkey's Riverfront Tavern - Sharkey's Riverfront Tavern is probably one of the most popular restaurants and bars in all of Grosse Ile. There's a beautiful view whether you sit indoors or outdoors on their gorgeous patio. Happy Hour is from six to seven. Our favorite dish on the menu is the dill chicken kebabs. Fresh, delicious, and healthy. Their menu has a wide range of foods from fried fish to delicious half pound burgers and fabulous shrimp pasta. Don't forget the award winning chili! Located on West River Road south of Grosse Ile Parkway.

Lloyd's Bar & Grill - Lloyd's is a cozy bar and grill where you can nosh on delicious burgers, sandwiches, and fried fish, while kicking back and enjoying your choice of beer, wine, or cocktails. Their homemade potato chips are worth the drive all by themselves. Wonderful prices on pitchers too. You'll find this one on Macomb Street just east of Meridian.

Perdino's Continental Cuisine & Cocktails - Perdino's Continental Cuisine & Cocktails has been in business for twenty five years serving happy customers delicious food and drinks. You'll recognize it by the familiar swordfish on the sign. We love their seafood and steaks, lamb and duck. No river view at this one, but it has a great atmosphere and wonderful staff to make up for it. Located on Macomb Street halfway between Meridian and East River Road.

Airport Inn - Airport Inn is one of the few bar and grills that's located on the south end of the island rather than on the main strip. They're known as much for their delicious food as they are for their drinks. We love the bread sticks which are covered in parmesan and garlic, and those of course go great with their pizza, but the hamburgers are equally delicious. The cocktails are mixed perfectly. You'll find them on the corner of Groh Road and Meridian.

Full Moon Bar & Grill (in Riverview) - This one's an honorable mention, located just outside of Grosse Ile in Trenton. We love Full Moon Bar & Grill for its low key vibe, great beer selection, friendly staff, and convenient location. Just after you cross the bridge coming back from Grosse Ile, you'll stumble upon this little gem of a bar. Located on Jefferson, near the intersection with Bridge Road.