Farmington Hills, Michigan Party Bus

Farmington Hills is the largest city in Oakland County and it's known for being a more upscale destination. The downtown area has been continually improved and renovated, and there are plenty of great restaurants, bars, and shopping hotspots for you to hit. Below we'll list some of the best restaurants and bars in the 48331, 48332, 48333, 48334, 48335, and 48336 zip codes, but keep in mind that you may also want to check out some of the popular art galleries or enjoy a day trip to Heritage Park. But when it's time to grab a bite to eat or get that party started at the end of the night, here are the places you'll want to be familiar with...


Ginopolis Restaurant - Ginopolis consistently gets great reviews for having excellent food and service, and at one point it was very popular with our area's biggest sports stars. Great atmosphere. Located on Middlebelt Rd just north of W Twelve Mile Rd.

Gala Restaurant - If you're into the small plates trend, you'll love the food and the bistro atmosphere at Gala. Great American food, seafood, and tapas. Relax with some amazing jazz while you enjoy the cuisine. Located on Grand River Ave just north of Farmington Rd.

Tomatoes A Pizza - For the pizza lovers, this is the place for a classic Italian pie! The crusts are handmade and the style here is authentic Italian. This is not New York pizza, this is the real deal. On Halsted Rd, just north of Grand River Ave.

Hong Hua - With so many strip mall Chinese restaurants abounding, it's nice to find a more formal and sophisticated place to enjoy authentic Chinese food. You'll pay for that ambiance and authenticity with higher prices, but it's worth it. Delicious food, impressive atmosphere. Located on Orchard Lake Rd, just north of W Twelve Mile Rd.


Sips Bar & Grill - Great place to enjoy lunch or dinner followed by some great drinks. The prices are affordable and you'll enjoy the DJ and the crowd. You'll find this one on Grand River Ave, just south of W 9 Mile Rd.

John Cowley & Son's - If you're craving the atmosphere of an authentic Irish pub, John Cowley & Son's will do it for you. There's a dim dining area where you can relax and enjoy a meal, and upstairs you'll find the bar with live bands on the weekends. Located near the intersection of Grand River Ave and Farmington Rd.

Players Billiards Bar & Grill - Who doesn't love to shoot a little pool on a night out? Players takes it seriously with pool leagues and tournaments, huge plasma TVs, a cash poker room, darts, pinball, and video games. Lots of fun to be had here. Located on West 10 Mile Rd between Haggerty and Grand River.

Dunleavy's Pub & Grub - Dunleavy's combines a bar atmosphere with some great Irish food. Authentic, fun, and great drinks. If you're hungry make sure to check out the Grubwich which is a customer favorite. Located on Grand River Ave east of Drake Rd.

Farmington Pub & Grill - This is just a great place to kick back with friends, enjoy some great food, and blow some quarters on video games. You can't beat that. Farmington Pub & Grill is located on Halsted Rd just north of Grand River.

Rustic Pub - This is a smaller bar for those who prefer the rustic out-of-the-way atmosphere that's so hard to find nowadays. Great place to hang out, cheap beers, friendly people. They've got karaoke on Fridays. Located on Grand River between Orchard Lake Rd and W 9 Mile Rd.