Estral Beach, Michigan Party Bus

Estral Beach is a small community that rests on the shores of lake Erie. The zip code for this area is 48166. This is a village of cottages and vacation properties that line the shores of Estra Beach village. The waters of Estral Beach are marshy in nature and provide great estuary for birds and many different animals for viewing. This is a great place to spend time outdoors and observe nature. The community is mostly known for being a resort area and many people flock to the shores to spend summer hours relaxing.


Fifth Wheel Truck Stop & Rest - This establishment is located at 8500 N Telegraph Rd, Newport, MI 48166. The food is really good. They live to serve the appetite of the big man. They offer great cooking that is homemade and in large portions for a really great price. You will always get your moneys worth at the Fifth Wheel. The wait staff is very friendly and the selection of food is vast for every appetite. These meals are HUGE! If you don't have a huge appetite come in a share a dinner with your favorite person and you will still not be leaving hungry. The parking is free and onsite and you will always find a place for your car or truck.


Bear Den - This establishment is located at 7101 N Dixie Hwy, Newport, MI 48166. This bar has some really good food. The service is very good and you will be sure to enjoy yourself with the wait staff, since they are so friendly. Make sure to give the ribs and wing dings a try, the fish is also very sought after as well. The food is all homemade and very cost effective so bringing in a group or your family will not be a expensive proposition. Make sure to stop in with some friends or family, sit back relax and enjoy yourself.