Davison, Michigan Party Bus

Davison is a great place to live, located in the Michigan zip code of 48423. Davison has very safe neighborhoods, and new construction. Davison has great schools that are putting kids into college every year. The city also offers great things like museums and other attractions that will make one want to stay.


Luckys Steak House - This establishment is located at 10098 Lapeer Road, Davison, MI 48423. Lucky's has great food and even better service if that is possible! The specialty of the house is steak to order and boy to they do it right. A wine list is available and so is beer. jake sure to stop in with some family for a great evening of meat and greet!


Madden's Lounge - This establishment is located at 809 North State Road, Davison, MI 48423. This is a simple place with great drink specials and special people. The type of people that remember your name. The prices are very fair and the service is excellent. Parking is free and tables are always open.