Commerce Township, Michigan Party Bus

Commerce Township is a charter township in Oakland County. Over ten years ago the population of Commerce was 34,764. The main landscape of Commerce township is rolling hills. You will still find large expanses of flat land in Commerce which have farms and more recently subdivisions built upon them. Commerce was orginally concieved as a weekend vacation spot for the Detroit metro area. The population of Commerce has had a very fast increase over the past ten years and vacation places are now perminant residents.


Kodiak Creek Inn - The Kodiak Creek Inn is located at 8635 Cooley Lake Road, Commerce Township, MI 48382. This is a full service kind of place that you can expect to get the most professional resturant treatment possible. The Kodiak Creek in is very family friendly and will satisfy the most picky taste buds with American style food. The average price per entree is $15. The food here is very special. You can epect to find game food here as well as standard American fair. The menu price ranges from seven to twenty five dollars depending on your selection. Come in with some friends or family and you will be sure to have an evening to remember.


Willson Pub & Grill - Willson Pub & Grill is located at 2256 Union Lake Road, Commerce Twp, MI 48382. This is a great place to come in and relax with friends and family. They offer a large selection of food: Burgers, chicken, desserts, pizza, salads, and soups as well as steaks. This is the kind of place that you want to introduce new people to. You can expect to hear rave reviews from every new person you bring in. The bar is friendly to all ages and you can expect to see a family here and there eating in the bar. The parking is ample and the service is excelient. Stop in and don't be dissiponted!