Clinton Township, Michigan Party Bus

Clinton Township offers a great community for people to raise family's, live, work, and play in. If you are looking for a community like that you should check this place out. They have a bunch of bars and restaurants for you to choose from to hang out at and many recreation facilities. Clinton Township is the place to be for people that want to have a great clean place to live and raise a family.


Luciano's Restaurant - This establishment is located at 39091 Garfield Road, Clinton Twp, MI 48038. They have great food and great atmosphere. The reservation staff is very helpful and friendly and will make the best effort to give you a great table. You are looking at great service here. The average food price is between sixteen and twenty five dollars a plate. They have a large variety so you can stop in again and again and enjoy.


Great Baraboo Brewing Co - This place is located at 35905 Utica Road, Clinton Twp, MI 48035. They have great food and service, the wait staff is trained really well. The Bartenders are really fast too and they can mix any drink you can think of. The specials are to die for drinks can get really cheep during happy hour. They have micro brews that are made on the site that are delicious. You have to give this place a try on your next night out you won't have a better time at another bar.