Centerline, Michigan Party Bus

Center Line is a great city to play in. You have all kinds of community resources available from parks and recreation to bars and restaurants for you to visit. Center Line isn't just a place to hang out in though, many people elect to raise families here and take the city very seriously. The school system is good and they offer a vast array of different opportunities for the resident that other larger cities would just ignore.


Haney's Family Restaurant- This establishment is located at 24447 Van Dyke Avenue, Center Line, MI 48015. They have wonderful food that just melts in your mouth. The service is so good you are going to want to leave a thirty percent tip. The Sunday morning breakfast is one of the best breakfast in town and you won't be disappointed in it at all. You have to get the pancakes and sausage you won't every get another breakfast again. Make sure to stop in for breakfast with the family to have a great time eating.


Sandbaggers Sports Bar - This place is located at25615 Van Dyke Avenue, Center Line, MI 48015. This is a great place to hang out. They have mega touch machines, dartboards, pull tabs and keno. Your not going to know what to do first. I really enjoy playing darts and know a good board when i see one and this one is great. the have really good drink prices. If your feeling saucy you can challenge one of the regulars to a game of pool on one of the multiple pool tables that they have. The service is excellent and the parking is free and available.