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Planning on taking a trip to the Detroit tigers game? Get a group of friends together and take one of our party buses. The cost can be split among a group of people and there wont be any hassle of drinking and driving. You also won't have to worry about anything happening to your car outside of Comerica park or paying $20 per car for parking. Relax with a drink and listen to music or watch tv on the way there and then get dropped off right next to the stadium.



Detroit Tigers 2011 Home Game Schedule
Date Opponent Game Time
Friday 4/22 White Sox 7:05 PM
Saturday 4/23 White Sox 4:10PM
Sunday 4/24 White Sox 1:05 PM
Tuesday 4/26 Mariners 7:05PM
Wednesday 4/27 Mariners 7:05PM
Thursday 4/28 Mariners 1:05PM
Monday 5/2 Yankees 7:05PM
Tuesday 5/3 Yankees 7:05PM
Wednesday 5/4 Yankees 7:05PM
Thursday 5/5 Yankees 1:05PM
Friday 5/13 Royals 7:05PM
Saturday 5/14 Royals 4:10PM
Sunday 5/15 Royals 1:05PM
Monday 5/16 Blue Jays 7:05PM
Tuesday 5/17 Blue Jays 7:05PM
Monday 5/23 Rays 7:05PM
Tuesday 5/24 Rays 7:05PM
Wednesday 5/25 Rays 1:05PM
Thursday 5/26 Red Sox 1:05PM
Friday 5/27 Red Sox 7:05PM
Saturday 5/28 Red Sox 7:10PM
Sunday 5/29 Red Sox 1:05PM
Monday 5/30 Twins 1:05PM
Tuesday 5/31 Twins 7:05PM
Wednesday 6/1 Twins 7:05PM
Thursday 6/9 Mariners 7:05PM
Friday 6/10 Mariners 7:05PM
Saturday 6/11 Mariners 7:05PM
Sunday 6/12 Mariners 1:05PM
Tuesday 6/14 Indians 7:05PM
Wednesday 6/15 Indians 7:05PM
Thursday 6/16 Indians 1:05PM
Friday 6/24 Diamondbacks 7:05PM
Saturday 6/25 Diamondbacks 7:05PM
Sunday 6/26 Diamondbacks 1:05PM
Tuesday 6/28 Mets 7:05PM
Wednesday 6/29 Mets 7:05PM
Thursday 6/30 Mets 1:05PM
Friday 7/1 Giants 7:05PM
Saturday 7/2 Giants 7:05PM
Sunday 7/3 Giants 1:05PM
Friday 7/15 White Sox 7:05PM
Saturday 7/16 White Sox 4:10PM
Sunday 7/17 White Sox 1:05PM
Tuesday 7/19 Athletics 7:05PM
Wednesday 7/20 Athletics 7:05PM
Thursday 7/28 Angels 1:05PM
Friday 7/29 Angels 7:05PM
Saturday 7/30 Angels 4:10PM
Sunday 7/31 Angels 1:05PM
Tuesday 8/2 Rangers 7:05PM
Wednesday 8/3 Rangers 7:05PM
Thursday 8/4 Rangers 1:05PM
Monday 8/15 Twins 7:05PM
Tuesday 8/16 Twins 7:05PM
Wednesday 8/17 Twins 7:05PM
Friday 8/19 Indians 7:05PM
Saturday 8/20 Indians 7:05PM
Sunday 8/21 Indians 1:05PM
Mon 8/29 Royals 7:05PM
Tue 8/30 Royals 7:05PM
Wed 8/31 Royals 1:05PM
Friday 9/2 White Sox 7:05PM
Saturday 9/3 White Sox 4:10PM
Sunday 9/4 White Sox 1:05PM
Friday 9/9 Twins 7:05PM
Saturday 9/10 Twins 4:10PM
Sunday 9/11 Twins 1:05PM
Thu 9/22 Orioles 7:05PM
Fri 9/23 Orioles 7:05PM
Sat 9/24 Orioles 7:05PM
Sun 9/25 Orioles 1:05PM
Mon 9/26 Indians 7:05PM
Tue 9/27 Indians 7:05PM
Wed 9/28 Indians 7:05PM


Detroit Tigers Comerica Park Seating Chart